Why Choose Pharmacy Apprenticeship?

Pharmacy Apprenticeship program has been a popular choice among young school leavers wanting to enter into the pharmacy industry. The main reason behind such program’s popularity is that it lets you earn straight away and sets you towards a right career path.

Usually, this type of apprenticeship has three different levels namely Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3) and Higher (Level 4/5). While the intermediate takes upto 12-18 months to complete, advanced and higher level take upto 15-24 months and 3 years respectively.

In case if you are wondering whether to take up pharmacy apprenticeship, here are some reasons that help you decide.

Earn while you learn

If you want to earn whilst learning skills, then pharmacy apprenticeship is the right choice for you. In the pharmacy apprenticeship program, you work as an employee to your employer for at least 30 hours a week and receive a wage. At the same time, you can gain both theoretical and practical skills. The practical skills include dispensing medicines, providing details about the medicines to the customers under the supervision of the experienced staffs.

A rewarding career

After you complete your apprenticeship program, you will gain nationally recognised qualifications. and also be able to register yourself as Pharmacy Technician. In addition, there will be more job prospects for you and can choose to work either in a community pharmacy or in a private or public hospital pharmacy.

Support from employers

Apprentices work for the employers while they learn. Whenever you join an apprenticeship program, you get support from your employers and they provide necessary skills needed for the job. As a result, you will develop in-depth knowledge and grow your skills.

Many colleges offer apprenticeship programmes in a wide range of sectors including the pharmacy sector. Hence, it would be wise idea to do a research first and then choose a one that has best offers and fits with all of your requirements.