Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us?

Deciding to do this apprenticeship with Inspire Middlesex College was the best decision I made in my career and education wise. They supported me throughout everything from the first time I met them in an interview to the time I stepped in class and finally to the time they handed me my certification and congratulating me on finishing the course.

It is worth every Saturday and two years at doing the course with people who become family later on in life and you get to keep that connection for life, which is the best part.


I would like to begin by saying that the 2 years that I had spent here would never be forgotten. I have grown into a person who has become more confident in her own skin and discovered a friendship between the students that attended my classes, which I know would last a very long time. I am glad to have completed this course and not only did it open many doors for me for the future, but also help me understand my strengths and weaknesses better. The lessons are interactive and confortable enough to ease into the lessons and learn well, might I also add that the support each and every staff member have given me, I could never forget and forever am thankful for. I believe this apprenticeship is something everyone would love and definately not regret! Thank you once again!


My Experience was amazing at Inspire Middlesex College. Someone that just came out of school and has never worked before change who I am.

I became independent, spoke for myself but mostly confident. The teaching here is great! You get the best support you can think of and you learn so much in the 2 years. Coming to college meeting new people is awesome! The jokes, laughter, services is something unforgettable! These two years has changed me in a way I can face anything in life. I grew slowly but first within the two years.

You won’t regret a thing when applying here.

While wanting this I just also qualified and now to face even bigger challenges in life. Thanks to Inspire Middlesex College I Can face the big wide world!


After initially being unsure that this course was the right path for me, any doubts I had were quickly quashed by the level of enjoyment-experienced and knowledge to be gained. Throughout my time here I have become more confident, gained valuable life skills that have helped me not only in the pharmaceutical sector but in general also. This course has opened many doors for me and I have no doubt that this qualification will be nothing but beneficial to my future career prospects.


Inspire Middlesex College has given me the opportunity to achieve something great. I have learned new skills and gained confidence. The teachers have helped me in every step of the course and ensured that the outcome is something I’m satisfied with. After finishing the course I feel more confident in trying out new things. Thank you for giving me an amazing opportunity!


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