Pharmacy Apprenticeship

Inspire Middlesex College is working in partnership with Hackney Community College.


Our Pharmacy Apprenticeship is a work based training programme offering nationally recognized qualifications and is designed to help the students wanting a career in the pharmacy industry. This programme helps you to study, get experience and earn all at the same time.

We have the best, professional and experienced faculty members and teachers who have ample knowledge on all the aspects of the pharmacy. They are also updated on the constant unique requirements of this industry to ensure you only receive high-quality education and training. Our college also offers state of the art facilities and practical workshops to help you with your training.

Under the pharmacy apprenticeship, your duties should be to dispense medicines prescribed for the patients, order and store stock of medicines and other products, prepare products, provide complete information to the customers on the medicines, and support your team. You should do all of these works under the supervision of a registered pharmacist to ensure you are doing it correctly.

As a part of this apprenticeship, you will be assessed and observed by your teachers. They will you monitor your performance through the oral questioning, online testing, assignments, and group discussion.

In the pharmacy field, you’ll meet many people and have to deal with them on a regular basis. So, we are devoted in helping you to develop and improve your communication, interpersonal and discipline skills which you will need for working in the pharmacy industry.

After the successful completion of a Pharmacy Apprenticeship program, you will gain practical skills and experience of the industry you want to work in. Moreover, you will be able to register as a Pharmacy Technician and can either choose to work in the community or in a hospital.

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