Top 3 Careers in Pharmacy

If you want to serve your community and have rewarding career at the same time, then joining a pharmacy sector could be the best for you. As one of the most important sectors in the healthcare, pharmacy offers you an array of diverse careers, earning and growth opportunities.

Today, most universities and colleges offer pharmacy courses which take some years to complete. After you graduate, you will have recognised qualifications and have multiple choices to take up on different careers.


Pharmacist can work in different type of professional settings like a hospital pharmacy or a community pharmacy. As a registered pharmacist, you are mainly responsible to dispense medicines correctly to the patients. Along with that, you should also offer advice on treatments to the patients, provide them information about the medicines and work closely with other healthcare professionals. On the pay front, you can earn upto £37,000 a year which is quite good.

Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy assistants work along with technicians to help pharmacists prepare and dispense medicines. From handing out prescriptions to referring queries of the customers to the pharmacists, generating stock lists to delivering medicines, pharmacy assistant must all do all these type of works. You can earn up to £16,000 while working as a pharmacy assistant and have flexible working hours. Moreover, if you want to advance your career further, you can even apply to train as a pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians must work under the supervision of pharmacists. Your duty as pharmacy technician include labelling of medicines, correcting prescription information, dealing with the queries of the customers, deliveries to medical wards and many more. As a pharmacy technician, you will be able to work in hospitals, community pharmacies or retail pharmacies. The average salary per year is £23,000 a year but as you gain experience, you can earn upto £28,000.