Why Choose a Career in Pharmacy?

Over the decades, pharmacy profession has expanded and diversified greatly. Today, it is not limited to hospitals and retails but has a different scenario altogether. The pharmacy profession has got several areas which had lead to enhanced way of serving patients and had become more challenging. And, to reach that stage, pharmacy course is the starting point.

Pharmacy courses are designed to teach students all aspects of drug therapy in addition to patient care, communication with both patients and health care providers. It also focuses on professional ethics, business management and concept of public health. Additionally, students of pharmacy can gain real world experience working with licensed pharmacist in several settings.

Today pharmacy includes clinical services, providing drug information and reviewing, compounding and dispensing medication. In this post, we are going to share you some reasons on why you should choose a career in pharmacy.


  • Patient oriented services

Pharmacy courses trains you not only to prepare and dispense medications but also to fulfill behind the counter responsibilities as well. You will play a key role in helping patients to recover as soon as possible. You will be working with the doctors to determine the best drug and non drug therapy for a patient’s particular illness. Also, you will need to provide information about allergies and side effects of medicines. This way, you will be able to monitor, assess and modify patient’s medication as per the need to ensure they are safe and effective.


  • Various career opportunities

The employment  opportunities for the pharmacy students are huge. So, when you complete a pharmacy course, you have the choice of working in various pharmacy settings. You can either work in retail pharmacy, community pharmacy, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry as you prefer.


  • Increasing demand in pharmacy services

Several researches have shown the increase in pharmacy services. It is because of the increase in number of patient and prescription,  medicinal products and aging population. In order to maintain demand and supply of medicines properly and effectively, large number of pharmacists are required each year. Therefore, the career in pharmacy can be a wise career choice for you.


  • Job satisfaction

With the increase in demand of pharmacy services, there is lot of opportunities and high remuneration. When you gain knowledge and experience, your demand will always be high. You can receive multiple job offers and can work part time as well. Moreover, you will have the choice of working in various pharmacy settings throughout the country.


  • Important member of healthcare team

As a pharmacist, you will use your skill, knowledge and abilities with health care professionals to support the effective usage of medication to help patients recover quickly from their illness. Therefore, you will help patients being an important member of a healthcare team.


  • State of the art technology

With the advancement of technology, pharmacy sector cannot stay back. Technological advancement has enhanced efficiency of pharmacists. Various tasks have been performed in lesser time with more accuracy.


  • Highly respected profession

Since the pharmacists are the one who interact directly with the patients and monitor their progress in health, it creates a feeling of respect in them.