Top 5 Employment Areas for Pharmacy Technician

Today, the demand for pharmacy technicians have become high than ever. If you ask why? Well, it has definitely to do with the decent salary, diverse career paths, and flexibility in work hours that the pharmacy technician jobs have to offer.

Normally, they work under the supervision of the registered pharmacist. From preparing and dispensing medications to managing inventory, listening to queries from the patients and referring them to the pharmacists, they do all of these things on a daily basis.

On a career level, it also offers a diverse choice as there are varieties of options available for the pharmacy technicians to work in.

Retail pharmacy

This is one of the most common options that the pharmacy students go for after completing their pharmacy technician course. Flexible work hours are one of the main reasons for its popularity among them. Such retail pharmacies can range from privately owned to big-chained ones where they mostly have to process prescriptions, offer medical counselling and manage administrative tasks.


There is not much difference between working in a retail pharmacy and hospitals. However, in hospitals, pharmacy technicians can dispense medicines in broad manner. They can also prepare medications by following safety measures in the IV room for the short, long-term patients, and emergency room patients. In exchange to fulfilling these responsibilities, they get to enjoy a good pay with some medical benefits as well.

Long term care pharmacies

Long-term care pharmacies are those pharmacies focusing in serving nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other similar organisation. As a pharmacy technician, working in such pharmacy can be a wise choice if you are dedicated towards working for elderly patients.


Education field is another popular option for the advanced pharmacy technician careers. That is because every areas are always thriving for the talented individuals to lead them.  And, pharmacy area is certainly not an exception.

After the completion of pharmacy technicians course, you can choose to get further education or degree from a reputed and accredited college of pharmacy. Then, you can get an opportunity to work as instructors in the college itself from you have graduated. After gaining a great deal of experience and expertise on all the aspects of the pharmacy, you can also apply to the other institutes and accredited schools where you will definitely be offered a great pay, paid vacations and much more.

Pharmaceutical companies

If you choose to get a degree from a reputed pharmacy college after completing a pharmacy technician course, you also get to work for pharmaceutical companies. You can work as a pharmaceutical representative for a particular drug company where you have to visit and educate physicians and other healthcare professionals about the various types of drugs. On a salary front, pharmaceutical representative get good earnings thanks to their incentives and bonuses.