Welcome to Inspire Middlesex College

Inspire Middlesex College is one of the reputed colleges in Middlesex approved by City and Guilds to deliver level 2 & 3 (knowledge and competency based) qualifications for the students in pharmacy sector.

We offer a scholarly and friendly environment for all our students wanting to pursue their career in pharmacy. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers and staffs are specialised in the pharmacy industry. They are committed to provide quality training, education and knowledge in this field that will help them to prepare themselves in the pharmaceutical practice and enhance their career to an advanced point.

Our broad range of pharmacy courses combined with state of the art facilities helps our students to experience outstanding academics filled with learning and practical education. We also provide access to different events and workshops to help them with their research and training.

Our mission is to offer a world-class and innovative pharmacy education and clinical research and produce professionals to improve the health and quality of life in our community.

About Inspire Middlesex College:

Inspire Middlesex College (Inspire), was established in 2013 by qualified industry specialists, in response to employer requests, for a specialist training provider to meet the needs of the pharmacy industry. Since this time Inspire has developed strong relationships and Apprenticeship delivery programmes with community based Small Medium Employer (SME’s) that have a presence on high streets. In addition to maintaining and expanding this niche market area – Inspire Middlesex College has been invited to increase activity with NHS Trust.
Inspire Middlesex College is a private College which enables it to be intensely unique and focus entirely in meeting the needs of employers and Apprentices in entering careers within a specialist area. Apprentices benefit from an atmosphere of achievement and high expectations that is truly its own. Our Apprentices and Employers —not politics, are the priority of Inspire as a private college. Our Leaders and training team, set the bar high at the beginning of their qualification journey —and keep students engaged to meet it for the duration of their programme. Inspire strives to cultivate the ideal atmosphere for the academic success of our students. As a result, our Apprentice students become profoundly capable contributors to their employers and society as a whole.
Current delivery within NHS trusts and the private sector includes: Pharmacy assistants (Level 2) and Pharmacy Technicians (Level 3) – Inspire focuses on these professional pharmacy qualifications as we believe that by concentrating in this technically challenging area we can meet the demands of the sector, improve delivery models, and ensure that Apprentices and their employers get the best possible teaching and learning experience.
In addition to maintaining and expanding this highly technical niche sector area, Inspire has, as a result of quality and reputations, been increasing activity with NHS Trust across London and are responding to employer requests to develop a similar complimentary programme for Dental Technicians. To deliver the training which meets the needs of a 24 hour sector, Inspire has evolved to deliver Webinars for the knowledge based qualification elements to compliment classroom in 2017 and competency units are delivered via e-portfolio.
Senior staff are highly qualified and have worked in the industry an example is that one of the staff, is acting head of Education and Training at Imperial College Healthcare Trust, working as part of the new Pharmacy apprenticeship trailblazers and feeding this information into the Inspire delivery team. This enables Inspire to respond to changes in the sector, deliver flexible Apprenticeship models and ensure that the organisation and our employers, make the transition from Apprenticeship frameworks to Employer driven Apprenticeship standards.


Inspire has been accredited to deliver Advanced level 3 apprenticeship in pharmacy practice as well as the Intermediate Level 2 and has direct claims status with City & Guilds including English and Maths Functional Skills. This is annually assessed to ensure that training delivery is of the highest quality and that the training team undertake continuous professional development to keep up to date with industry requirements.