About Inspire Middlesex College

Inspire Middlesex College was established in 2013 by qualified industry specialists in response to employer requests for a specialist training provider to meet the needs of the pharmacy industry. Since this time Inspire has developed successful pharmacy apprenticeship programmes for NHS, GP Surgery and community pharmacy.

Inspire strives to cultivate the ideal atmosphere for the academic success of our students. As a result, our apprentices become capable contributors to their workplace and society as a whole.

We currently deliver apprenticeships for pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians – our team consist of registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians so that we can meet the demands of the sector, improve delivery models, and ensure that apprentices and their employers get the best possible teaching and learning experience.

To deliver the training which meets the needs of the pharmacy sector, Inspire Middlesex College has evolved to deliver a combination of classroom and on-line delivery, apprentices also have access to an e-portfolio.