Information for Parents & Carers

Welcome to our parents’ / Carers’ information page. We hope you will find this information useful when supporting your son/daughter with their crucial next stages of education.

As a parent, you know that this is a very important time for your son or daughter when making decisions for their future career paths and deciding where and what to study. At Inspire Middlesex College, we will support you in what can seem like a daunting decision making process. Some of our frequently asked questions are listed below.

* Which is best – COLLEGE OR SIXTH FORM?

Inspire Middlesex College offers a different environment to a school sixth form. The specific education related to the course subjects and practical environment students are par excellence at this college.

Our college provides a less formal and a more adult environment for the students which will help shape them into independent learners. Our main aim is to equip students with research and study skills along with confidence and self-discipline.

Our students tell us that they enjoy the freedom of the college whilst receiving the highest quality of support and guidance.

Our environment promotes self-motivation, good time management skills and prepares them for what university or employed life will be like. Our college is a great for quality of practical assessments and fantastic way of meeting new friends with similar interests.

When should my son/daughter apply?

You can apply in Year 11 as soon as they feel they are happy with the preferred course/s. They should send in their application as soon as they can to secure place on the course they have chosen. Please note that we will still accept applications all year round. So, if you want to be fitted in even late, we will do our best to accommodate you.

What are the costs involved?

If your child is under 19 on the 31st August before their course starts, he/she will not have to pay tuition fees for the most courses. However, if your child is aged 19 or over, he/she will be responsible for paying tuition fees for courses unless he/she falls into certain categories.

Funding Links regarding loans etc. available here….

How can my child travel to the college?

Please visit our contact us page to obtain location of the college and routes regarding buses/tubes/trains availability.