Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does level 3/Advanced apprenticeship course in pharmacy allow me to become?


  • Level 3 courses/Advanced apprenticeships in pharmacy will allow you to become a Pharmacy Technician.
Which role will I be able to undertake after the completion of the courses?
You will be able to undertake the following roles in the hospital, community and pharmaceutical industries pharmacies:


  • Preparation of the medicines including ointments, creams, injections/infusions in the aseptic area
  • Prescription receipt, selling over the counter medicines, dispensing and issuing the medicine to the patients
  • Order, receive, store and issue the pharmaceutical stock
  • Working on the wards, checking patients own medicines, ordering patients medicines and discharging patients ensuring they have sufficient supply of their medicines.
  • Other roles will be training other staff, supervising and managing the service.
I am already working as a counter assistant/ pharmacy assistant; can I apply for Advance apprenticeship in pharmacy?


  • Yes as long as you will meet the entry criteria of the programme. You must speak to your employer before you apply for this apprenticeships programme.
To become a qualified Pharmacy Technician, do I need to complete the full apprenticeships framework?


  • Yes, you do.
How often will I be required to attend the college?


  • For Advanced Apprenticeship/level 3 in Pharmacy Services, you need to attend once a week.
  • For Intermediate Level 2 in Pharmacy, you need to attend once a week for 12 months.
Do I have to pay for my apprenticeship programme?


  • No, Apprenticeship programmes are free of charge.

General Questions

What support will the college provide?


  • The college have specialised assessors, Internal Quality Assurance and Tutors who will provide relevant support, guidance and resource to the candidates. They will allocate an assessor to you. Then, you and the assessor will work together from the start of qualification until the completion time of your competency based qualification.

Our team have relevant knowledge in their specialised field and thus ensure that you are fully competent to perform work related tasks.

How much will I earn while I am undertaking advanced Level 3 apprenticeship in pharmacy?


  • You will earn the Apprenticeship Minimum wage however, many may earn significantly more.
  • For NMW Please see link:

If you have more questions, please contact us.