Enrolment and Induction


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Enrolment is the official process of registering yourself as a student at the Inspire Middlesex College. In this process, we check all your important information (contact details, personal details, emergency contact information, address, bank statement, proof of your identity, etc.) and confirm the details of your study. Thus, you should ensure to bring all of these records when you come to enroll.

When you enroll in our College, you should:

  • Agree to become a student of Inspire Middlesex College wholly or partly of the academic year
  • confirm to follow the rules and regulations led by the College
  • Provide and ensure that the College holds correct information about your course of study and tuition fees that you are responsible for

Once you complete the enrolment successfully, you are an official student of Inspire Middlesex College and will also have access to the facilities and benefits offered by our college.


Induction is the organised programme of welcoming activities which the new students should participate in. As a new student, this programme allows you to find out information about your particular programme of study, facilities and support systems in the College, meet other students and teachers, and take tour of the College.

We strongly recommend you to attend this programme because it will help you know about the College’s environment and adapt to it easily after the commencement of your study.

If you have any more queries regarding enrolment and induction, please feel free to contact us at 203 441 6729 or info@inspiremiddlesexcollege.org.