News Letter Jan 17 Final

News Letter Jan 17 Final

Can pharmacist get into academic career?

Usually people assume that being a pharmacist, you only need to work in pharmacies. This however isn’t true and pharmacists can work and have a career in academic area too. It means the opportunity to influence the next generation of professionals, conduct research and be able to educate them, while still being able to practice pharmacy.


10 Best Pharmacy jobs

Pharmacy is an evolving profession in the field of medical science. This results in pharmacists becoming in expert in certain field of pharmacy. Pharmacy has a wide scope and pharmacists can engage themselves in different fields, each specializing in certain area. There are different types of pharmacies and your skills, qualification and experience can help you decide your career choice. Here is a brief description of some jobs and career opportunities that may help you in deciding your career choice as a pharmacist. (more…)

8 Social media practice tips for pharmacists

With the rapid explosion of social media, pharmacists are presented with new challenges be it professional or ethical. Like any other profession, pharmacist can use social media for utilisation and promotion of their health care services. As social media is getting sophisticated and being widely accepted in healthcare services, it is highly possible that pharmacist can rely on social media like every other sectors for promotion. Social media like twitter, facebook and Linkedin play a vital role in establishing yourself as a better pharmacist. Today, only a small percentage of pharmacists use social media for self promotion. This will likely to change in next couple of years as online pharmacy companies are increasing.

In this post, we are going to discuss some few particular ways to use social media in building your credibility as a pharmacist. (more…)


To err is human

Many patients die from mishandling of drugs from health care professionals. The frequency of misadministration and injury from it are a serious threat to a patient. As much as 7000 people die from “prescription error” alone in United States.  The medical threats due to overdose or under dose can’t be undermined. So here is the list of some common drugs involved in medical errors.

Is Assistant Dispenser a Right Career Choice for You?

Apart from the pharmacists, assistant pharmacist also plays an important role in pharmacy. As usually referred as pharmacy aides, they work under the supervision of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians under various work settings such as retail stores, local pharmacies and hospitals. In community pharmacies, they are called Dispensing Assistants. (more…)

Why take Adult Loan for Pharmacy Apprenticeships Courses?

Nowadays, many school leavers are joining apprenticeships and the number is only increasing day by day. The main reason behind this is that A-levels and the University level study is not just seen as the only route for a successful career anymore. (more…)

Top Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

If you are a pharmacy technician graduate, you must probably going through jobs and applying it frequently. And, to ensure you do well once you land an interview, you must be well-prepared. So, before going for an interview, here are some common questions you should prepare for. (more…)

5 Best Ways to Build a Pharmacy Your Customer Loves

Whenever we go to buy something, be it a beauty product or groceries, we always visit the ones which we like first. And, we barely go to the ones which we like the least. This is why all types of businesses should make a priority to build a likeable environment with of course quality products and services for attracting customers.

Pharmacy business should act no different. That’s because customers are the most vital for a successful pharmacy business. So, if you are in this business, here are some ways you can try to get more customers. (more…)

Top 3 Careers in Pharmacy

If you want to serve your community and have rewarding career at the same time, then joining a pharmacy sector could be the best for you. As one of the most important sectors in the healthcare, pharmacy offers you an array of diverse careers, earning and growth opportunities. (more…)

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